TradeviewForex is a good Forex broker founded in 2004 in the Cayman Islands and regulated by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). TradeView Forex Broker accepts customers from all over the world.

Is TradeView a regulated broker?

TradeView is an online trading services broker registered and regulated as Foreign stocks and CFDs by CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants). After coastal status, brokers who offer high benefits are concise and easy to process the registration and accept customers from various countries of the world. All customer funds are kept separately from the company’s funds in a secluded account at the first rank of the bank.

Reasons to Choose Tradeview Broker For Forex Trading

Compared to previous years, now both local and international online forex brokers can be found easily, One of them that can be considered is Tradeview Broker.

Here’s Why Should consider Tradeview to choose a forex broker

#1 Over 3 years old and widely chosen by traders all over the world

#2 Trusted for ease and speed in administration (registration, deposit, withdrawal).

Usually, the funds in the forex account can be easily deposited or withdrawn whenever you want. Therefore, you need to choose a Tradeview forex broker that can provide this convenience to its users.

Trading requires a deposit of funds as a condition. So, choosing a broker that can be reached, such as Tradeview should be considered, especially in the same country as your domicile.

#3 Adequate level of service, with reasonable complaint limits

#4 Supports Metatrader, which is the most popular forex app today

#5 Tradeview is regulated by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). To find out about this, you can check the official website of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

This agency acts as both a regulator and a supervisor and is under the Ministry of Commerce. There you can find out which Tradeview forex brokers are licensed to operate. So you can be sure that the Tradeview broker is experienced. You can find out its track record through some of the previous traders’ experiences.

#6 Commissions and Spreads – Next up are spreads and commissions, which is the profit that a Tradeview broker can get from the transactions made by you Small. The amount of spread and commission that will be received by the Tradeview broker is small, so this will benefit traders to start trading later.

#7 Initial Deposit – Tradeview broker will set a fairly low deposit. So that later you can start the business with fairly limited capital.

Some Tips On How To Trade Forex To Achieve Investment Success

Some are still quite confused about how to trade forex so that they are profitable? Investment activities are very popular today. Even though the economic conditions are not good, people still don’t want to miss out on trying to invest. Of the various types of investment instruments, trading is proven to be the most preferred.

This trading investment is so popular not without reason. One of them is that the benefits are quite large. Be it trading gold, stocks, or foreign exchange, all promise lucrative profits. For novice investors, there are several ways so that forex trading can remain profitable, namely as follows:

1. Change the Mindset as a Businessman Not a Gambler

The way to trade forex so that the main profit is to fix the mindset first. If all this time what is still on your mind is trading just to make a profit, change it immediately. Thinking that trading is only about profit is a gambler’s mindset. Not take into account the risks that might occur.

If this mindset is still valid in traders, it will be the same as preventing them from making profits. Every time it’s a trade, don’t just expect profit. Be prepared for all the risks that exist. Because this trading activity can indeed provide large profits and with high risk as well.

2. Using a Low-Risk Trading Strategy

Playing trading certainly can’t be original. Must use strategy. Every trader or investor must have a different trading strategy. Even so, the point remains the same, namely minimal risk and can generate maximum profits.

Why is it called the maximum profit?

Because the maximum here does not mean much. How much or less profit or profit traders are influenced by capital. If you want consistent profit, it’s better to use a consistent strategy. Don’t be fickle, because besides being confusing, this method will not help you get the slightest profit.

3. Discipline

Is one way of trading forex that is profitable that has been tried by professionals. This method is also seen as working well. Discipline means consistently using a trading strategy that has been previously set. In addition, traders must also dare to cut losses or cut profits whenever needed.

Remember, trading does have a big enough risk. Not daring to take decisive steps will not help you get maximum profit. Do not wait until it floats if you feel that the chosen strategy is the wrong target.

Moreover, you have to wait for you to get a big profit before you cut the profit. Feeling that you have made enough profit, just cut it. This is done as a step to increase the possibility of consistent profit.



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