Is Your RI Roofing Contractor Licensed? (& Determining Expertise)

Replacing your roof is no small task. In fact, it is a major home improvement project and it is too large of a job to trust just anyone. When replacing your roof you will want the job done right the first time which means you need to find an expert roofing contractor in RI who knows what they are doing. Trust us, no matter how handy you are or how cheap the guy on Craigslist is, you want to let a professional handle your roofing project. Learn more at

When it comes to home service companies, they are not all created equal. Finding a qualified expert takes a little research but it is well worth the effort. The extra cost and time wasted if your roof is not replaced or fixed correctly the first time is more of a nightmare than you might think. This how-to guide is designed to help you identify the qualities and requirements any roofer working on your home should have.

What kind of license do roofing contractors need in Rhode Island?

Commercial roofing companies in the state of Rhode Island must be licensed in order to work. The state issues this license after the contractor completes ten hours of special education and passes the licensing exam. The contractor will also have to show proof of being bonded and insured before the license is administered.

How do I know if a roofing contractor in Rhode Island is insured?

You can use one of these two ways to find out if your roofing contractor in Rhode Island is insured in the state of Rhode Island. Firstly, you can simply ask your roofer to show you proof of their insurance. Be sure you see this proof before you sign a contract or give the contractor a down payment.

The second method is to visit the state of Rhode Island’s Contractor’s Registration and Licensing Board website, Once you are on their website you can search by contractor’s name to see if they are insured. You can also see which roofing contractors are fully licensed and authorized to work in the state of Rhode Island.

What type of insurance should my roofing company have?

There are two types of insurance any roofing contractor should have before you let them work on your home. These insurance types are General Liability Insurance for Roofing Contractors and Workers Compensation Insurance.

General Liability Insurance for roofing contractors covers if they damages your personal property or somehow someone who does not work for the roofing company is injured while the contractor is working on your home. You want to make sure your roofer has this General Liability Insurance because this insurance covers your property and safety. As for Workers Compensation Insurance, this is insurance the contractor has to cover and take care of their own employees, in case they accidentally get injured while working on your roof.

What happens if a roofer falls off of my roof?

This is tricky and may depend on the situation. But typically, the property owner may be found liable if a worker is injured on their property. Your contractor should have insurance but that does not mean you would be completely off the hook. But this is why you want to be sure that the contractor you hire is fully insured and reputable.

Will an expert roofing contractor offer warranties?

Yes, if you are working with an expert and professional roofing contractor, they will have warranties to cover the work they perform on your home. Be sure to ask your contractor what is covered under their warranties and see if they offer different options for coverage.

Bonus Tip: along the same lines of warranties, professional roofing contractors will also offer guarantees to back their work. Usually, these are some kind of customer satisfaction guarantees to cover you in case you are unhappy with the final product. Your contractor may also have pricing and clean-up guarantees.

How can I learn more about my roofing contractors’ reputation?

To learn more about your roofing contractor’s reputation and the quality of their past work you can take a couple of steps. Firstly, request testimonials and referrals from the roofing contractor you are interviewing. A reputable contractor will have these ready to share. In addition, a reputable roofer should have an accredited Better Business Bureau profile, full of positive feedback and a rating of at least B or B+.

Additionally, an experienced roofing company will have no shortage of positive online reviews. A home service company that has been in business for years, should have an easy to find online reputation. Look for contractors with at least a 3.9-star rating on Google, they should also have a good deal of recommendations on Facebook. If the roofer you are interviewing does not have Google and/or Facebook reviews turned on, this is a red flag. More often than not, the only reason a contractor would turn off the review functions on these websites is that they have too much negative feedback that they are trying to hide.

How much experience should I look for in my roofing contractor?

After all, experience is a sign of professionalism and expertise. Contractors who are bad at their jobs typically do not last long. So, look for roofing companies with years and years of experience. A decade or more in business is a good sign that your roofing contractor knows what they are doing.

Final thoughts are finding a qualified roofing company in Rhode Island

Finding an experienced roofing contractor in Rhode Island might require a little research on your part but it is well worth the effort. You want your new roof installed by professionals who know what they are doing. Look for a roofing company that holds the right license, has both General Liability Insurance for Roofing Contractors and Workers Compensation Insurance, has a strong online reputation and years of roofing experience and you will find that your roofing project will go much smoother.