Keto Versus Mediterranean Weight loss program: Which Is Greatest for T2 Diabetics and Prediabetics?

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Effect of a Ketogenic Diet versus Mediterranean Diet on HbA1c in Individuals with Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: the Interventional Keto-Med Randomized Crossover Trial

Proper off the bat, I don’t like that they studied each diabetics and prediabetics. There have been solely 40 authentic examine contributors, with full knowledge on solely 33. Why lump the 2 collectively?

Members adopted every food plan for 12 weeks then lab knowledge and physique weight had been assessed.

The researchers conclusions:

HbA1c [a measure of blood sugar control] was not totally different between food plan phases after 12-weeks, however improved from baseline on each diets, seemingly resulting from a number of shared dietary facets. WFKD [ketogenic diet] was helpful for larger lower in triglycerides, but in addition had potential untoward dangers from elevated LDL-C, and decrease nutrient intakes from avoiding legumes, fruits, and entire intact grains, in addition to being much less sustainable.

Triglycerides dropped extra on the keto food plan, no shock. Physique weight dropped the identical for each diets, 7-8%. HDL-cholesterol (the “good ldl cholesterol”) rose 11% on keto and seven% on Mediterranean food plan. HgbA1c dropped the identical on each diets, about 8% from baseline. Each diets result in consuming ~300 energy much less per day than baseline consumption.

Dr Bret Scher addressed the increased LDL-cholesteral (aka “bad cholesterol”) over at

The authors reported that LDL “dangerously” rose 10% on the keto food plan. However was it actually a harmful change? Triglycerides went down on the keto food plan, as we might anticipate. And as we noticed in 2018 with the Virta Well being trial, on common, LDL went up 10%. Nevertheless, the calculated cardiac threat rating went down 12%.

When it comes to answering the headline query, Keto Versus Mediterranean Weight loss program: Which Is Greatest for T2 Diabetics and Prediabetics?, the reply actually depends upon long-term knowledge regarding longevity and numerous illnesses. This examine doesn’t reply the query.

What say you?

Steve Parker, M.D.

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