Learn about the conference: https://www.cgpconference.com/

Registration for the August 2022 Conference is now open and can be accessed here.

The CGP Conference is the brainchild of several Athletic Directors from across Europe. This collective thinking has transitioned into an alliance of five schools who are committed to supporting the creation of a recurring coaches conference aimed at international school coaches. The following five schools have made a commitment to support the conference and act as hosts in a rotation schedule:

International School of Brussels
International School of Düsseldorf
Copenhagen International School
American School London
Frankfurt International School

By bringing coaches from across Europe together the alliance aims to help raise the level of coaching and to provide coaches with an opportunity to forge relationships “across enemy lines”. The concept of “greater purpose” is a way to put to words the desire to create opportunities for coaches to learn about how they can make an impact on their players, teams, communities, and the world beyond. Sports can be a powerful tool for leveraging change and having a positive impact on young people so it seemed very clear from the start that this should be the focus of this conference.

The keynote speaker, John O’Sullivan, is the founder of the Changing The Game Project. A former collegiate and professional soccer player, John has coached for more than 20 years at the youth, high school and college level. He has served as a consultant for the United States Olympic Committee, US Soccer, USA Football, US Lacrosse, USA Swimming, Ireland Rugby, and Aussie Rules Football.

Topics on tap this year include Nutrition, Athletics Program Promotion and Brand Identity, Building a Coaching Philosophy, The Information Gender Gap in Sport, Sports Safety, and Leveraging Best Teaching Practices to Increase Coaching Efficacy. Registrants can look forward to a diverse range of topics with tangible resources to incorporate with their team and/or program.

The hope is that the CGP Conference will rotate from one school in the alliance to another every eighteen months. By rotating hosts the hope is that the conference has a fresh perspective and a geographical shift that provides some equity in terms of costs and travel requirements. The inaugural event will be taking place over the weekend of August 19 – 21 at the International School of Brussels.