What to Expect When You Charter a Luxury Yacht

Are you ready to get out of your house and take that dream vacation? Well, if you love the ocean and enjoying a life of luxury, then chartering a luxury yacht off the coast of Miami is probably the perfect option for you. Enjoying your own private yacht charter in Miami is a much more enjoyable experience than taking a public cruise if you enjoy a little more privacy.

What happens when you charter a yacht?

There will be some minor differences between different yacht companies on what they include in the yacht charter. There also might be different packages available. But overall, you should expect a peaceful, relaxing, and private vacation on the ocean.

There is also no shortage of fun and adventurous activities you can choose to take part in during your yacht charter. This info is presented by our company who provides yacht charter in Miami.

How do I prepare for a yacht charter?

When preparing for your yacht charter there are a few basics you should bring. Firstly, if there is a chance you could travel into international waters, be sure you have your passport and/or travel VISA with you, better safe than sorry. So, of course, this means you will need your photo I.D. as well. You should bring a copy of your charter papers and agreement with you on the yacht.

You will be in the sun a lot, so be sure you bring plenty of sunscreens, the sun bouncing off that ocean water can burn you really quickly. With that in mind, you will also want a pair or two of good sunglasses, a hat to protect the top of your head, and do not forget protection for your lips. A sunburn on your lips is the worst. It can be difficult to find a pharmacy on the ocean, so be sure to bring your medications, along with the basics like ibuprofen. Also, if you are prone to motion sickness, be sure you bring medication to treat that.

*Note: you may want to avoid bringing watches and other non-waterproof electronics. Or at least make sure your electronics are water-resistant.

What should I know before chartering a yacht?

Before you go all-in on a yacht charter, you should do a little research. Look to see what types of yachts are available and get an idea of the destinations you would like to hit on your trip. Also, decide how long you want to charter a yacht and the ideal dates for your vacation. This information will help you narrow the type of yacht you should charter.

What does chartering a yacht include?

You can expect an all-inclusive yacht to charter to include a crew. Usually, a captain and cook come with a yacht charter. Your meals and drinks should also be included, that is why there is a cook. Room accommodations for you and any guests you bring. Plus, depending on the company you charter from, water sports, fishing, and other activities might be included.

What can you do on a yacht trip?

There is no shortage of activities you can do during your yacht charter. You can start by relaxing on the deck in the sun, reading, or listening to music. Swimming in the warm waters off the coast of Miami. If you are a sportsman, you may enjoy deep sea fishing. Water sports and activities are also popular things to do on yachts. Water skiing, wakeboarding,  snorkeling, paddle boarding, and diving are all fun ways to pass the time.

If you are looking for more adventure, you will find plenty of it at each port you stop at. From fine dining and dance clubs to fill your evenings to adrenaline-packed activities during the day, you will never be bored. Hop on a jet ski, take up surfing or bodyboarding, go zip lining or hop on a parasail, pretty much nothing is off-limits when you charter a luxury yacht in Miami.

How much does a yacht charter cost?

There are several factors, from the length of the trip and how many people will be going on your trip, that can affect the cost of chartering a yacht. Seasonality, activities, and locations you want to dock at might also affect the final cost. A lower-end yacht charter in Miami can start at around $2,300 a day for 11 to 12 people.

Now, to charter a high-end luxury yacht, you may pay upwards of $4,000 to $7,000 a day.

What is the best time of year to charter a yacht in Miami?

In order to get the most out of your trip and enjoy Miami’s weather at its best, plan to schedule your yacht charter during the months of April through November. Be sure to book your charter early, spots tend to fill up!

Inquire about the yachts smoking policy before booking

Do you have a smoker or two going with you on your yacht charter? Be sure you clarify the yacht smoking policy before booking. Some yachts may allow smoking in designated areas but other companies may not allow smoking onboard at all. So, you would only be able to smoke when the yacht docks. That might be too long of a wait for some people.

Check the pet policy

Another important policy to be clear on is the boat’s pet policy. Many yacht companies do not allow pets aboard because they are an added liability. So, if you want to bring a furry friend on your yacht charter, make sure you know the company’s pet policy.

Final suggestions before chartering a yacht

Chartering a yacht in Miami is a dream vacation that you will remember for the rest of your life. Take a little time to plan out your ideal charter scenario then research to find a yacht company that best fits your needs and desires. This will help you and your guest to get the most out of your yacht charter experience. Remember to confirm specific policies and procedures that pertain to your specific needs and situation, this way you can be sure that you select the right company to charter a yacht from.